We publish creative writing that addresses some sort of Mental Health issue in some way.  There is a very broad range of issues, so when in doubt submit.  But please do see all of our guidelines on our page.  Thanks so much!  Keep writing!

To donate, folllow these steps:

1) Create a word document with just the word "Donation" on it and submit that to us (as if it were a poem you're submitting).  

2) Fill in the Submittable form with the word "Donation" in all fields.

3) Choose your donation amount

4) Click "submit"

Donations will help Buddy not only update our site and print zines, but will help us develop into a community resource for writers and those with mental health issues.

Some things we aim to do are:

Make quality books accessible to MH patients who are hospitalized.

Educate the public about the abilities of people with MH issues.

Educate on the therapeutic quality of writing.

Connect MH organizations with Writing organizations to create partnerships.

And more....